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Thank you for choosing TMCreation! We are experts in crafting corporate identities. I'm Toshi, a Tokyo-born and raised Japanese graphic designer. I'll personally handle the creation of your logo, stationery, and website. Whether you're seeking a design agency in Japan or a Japanese designer fluent in English, TMCreation is your ideal choice. We guarantee direct communication with a dedicated designer who will bring your vision to life.

Trusted by Hundreds of Business Owners

We have proudly collaborated with more than 350 companies and organizations worldwide, establishing a solid reputation for our expertise and excellence. When you choose to work with us, you can have complete confidence in your decision. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

*Our clients are the customers we directly serve, while the customers (of Happy Customers) are the companies and organizations our clients serve. As a result, the number of happy customers exceeds our client count.

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Clients (*direct)

Must Talk to Designer
Not to Sales Rep

In the crowded landscape of design service providers, it's often challenging to have direct communication with designers. They are typically busy with multiple projects, hidden away in the back office.

Consequently, you not only face difficulty in reaching out to them but also struggle to select a designer that matches your preferences. Ultimately, the company assigns an available designer to you without considering your input.

To add to this frustration, sales representatives may request you to list your requirements without the opportunity for a meaningful conversation with a designer, which I believe is crucial.

We Visualize Your Ideas

Lack of direct communication with designers can pose significant challenges. When your input is filtered through someone else's interpretation, the output may differ greatly from your original intent. Imagine not having the opportunity to engage in discussions about your vision, philosophy, or the cultural elements you want to incorporate into your business. It can be a nightmare. Non-designers often struggle to interpret and visualize design processes, no matter how hard they try to convey their story.

Our human thoughts are essentially shapeless, requiring dialogue to clarify them. Precise interpretation of words becomes crucial. For instance, the meaning of "cool" varies depending on one's cultural background, traditions, personal experiences, and valued philosophies.

At TMCreation, we prioritize direct interaction with our customers. As a designer, I personally listen to your voices, understand your goals, and collaborate with you to deliver tailored design solutions. When designers are free to directly connect with clients, it becomes easier to make decisions and provide prompt responses. This flexibility ultimately benefits our customers.

A Japanese Logo Designer

Why You Will Like

High Quality

We pride ourselves on having uncompromised detail-oriented eyes for design, always striving to deliver high-quality work.


Our approach is methodical and objective. We always listen to you carefully and focus on the end clients' point of view rather than our view.


Working for a wide range of clients from government to local business all over the globe - in the UK, USA, Asia-Pacific, Japan, and Australia.


The winners of logo design and illustration competitions with proven records of being featured in design books.

We Tailor To Your Needs

Throughout our extensive experience of engaging with diverse customers, we have discovered that they often seek our expert opinion in response to their ideas. Through these valuable discussions, their vision becomes increasingly refined. At TMCreation, we emphasize that you don't have to navigate the process alone. We encourage you to openly communicate with us about every aspect of your business, ensuring that we have a comprehensive understanding of your needs.

We Realize Your Vision

We have received numerous positive feedback from our clients, highlighting how engaging in discussions with us has proven instrumental in clarifying their objectives.

Our conversations often delve into important questions such as, "What led you to choose your company name?" and "What message do you intend to convey to your clients through your company name and logo?" We firmly believe that your logo is a representation of your company and its mission. It is through these in-depth discussions that we can effectively visualize your ideas and bring your vision to life.

We Realize Your Vision


We will give you an understanding of how our design process is structured.

Send Enquiry

First, please contact us by using the online inquiry form available at the bottom of this page. We welcome any questions you might have about the services we offer. After that, if you are happy, let us know your projects in detail so that we can suggest the best solution that suits your needs.

Consulting & Quote

Tell us about your ideas for the design – for example, if it's about logo design, what it should look like, the target of your company in 5 or 10 years, your service philosophy, culture and statement of the company, and so on. If it is for web development, tell us about the purpose and goal of the projects. We will quote each project accordingly before we start working.

Sketch & Visualize

Upon your confirmation of the quote we submit, we will start visualising ideas based on the concept we develop - for example, if it's a logo design, sketching many brief prototypes of the logo mark. Then we will carefully select the design that best represents your company image and proceed to draw it on the computer. Regardless of the projects, we give you an estimated delivery date in order to meet your deadline.


At this stage, we will have the first presentation of your design along with an explanation of its concept. Depending on the scope of your project, it may take a long time to reach this stage. If it is for website development, we may give you screenshots or real screen experience on the testing server to make the inspection easier. Then we will ask you to give us feedback.


Based on your feedback from the first presentation, we will revise the design, and then submit the final design to you. Although it depends on your design plan, the process basically goes back and forth presenting the revised design until satisfied.

Delivery & Payment

At last, your design is set! We will finalise the artwork to make sure the data is ready to be used. We will send you an invoice. Upon confirmation of your payment, the data is sent electronically or published online. Delivery terms and conditions may vary depending on each project, in particular, website or another web-related development.



It goes without saying that your logo represents your company. Thus some say it is the "face" of the company. Create eye-catching timeless designs in logos that symbolise your vision that remains deep in the memories of audiences. Logo design is the foundation of all.


Keep consistency in your brand recognition activities to promote your company identity further by making little more efforts to create a difference. It is simple and is not difficult. Let's begin with business cards first then letterhead and envelope design.


Nowadays, we use less paper to hand out. In the past what did we do when we introduced our company to clients for the first time? Yes, that is a company brochure. Create a website that talks like your sales representative working 24/7.


We welcome any type of request as long as the projects are related to design. We can prepare a tailor-made plan and quote. We can do all sorts of things including painting, mascot design, illustration, interior, and home design. No boundary there. Feel free to talk to us!


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I am starting a company and thinking of having a logo mark. What options do I have?

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I need business cards straight after my logo mark is designed. Also I'd like to have letterheads.

2 x logo designs to compare plus get your chance to have our high-quality business cards for free!

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I also require a website and some stationery designed using my new company logo you create.

We have prepared a special website package which saves you time and money.

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Our business card uses high-quality textured matt lamination with an elaborate UV gloss effect applied on top of the logo mark. (* Condition applied)
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LOGO Plus+
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1 x Logo Design

135,000 JPY
  • 1 x Logo
  • Revision
  • Copyright Attribution
  • Card Design
  • 300 x Business Card


*Revision stands for some minor changes such as changing colours or positions of logo type and mark.

*The shown price can change based on individual requirements.

Did you know?

  1. Our logo design offers you a variation of layout such as vertical, and horizontal presentation as well as consideration of stamp-friendly version setup as a standard exercise. This normally attracts an extra charge in other design agencies.
  2. Our high-quality business cards (13,000 JPY value for 300 pcs) use uniquely textured semi-water-repellant matt lamination with an elaborate UV gloss effect applied on the logo mark which is sure to impress your clients!

Launching Website?

It is important to create a logo for your business but what about your website? We also create beautiful, clean, easy-to-navigate websites with great functionalities. Feel free to chat with us if you are thinking of your website done at the same time as designing your logo mark.

We strive to offer you products with compelling values for money regardless of your budget!

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Can I have multiple logo colours and layouts using one final design? popular

A Coloured version of the logo displayed on a white background works. It is standard. The same logo mark on a coloured background doesn't always work due to contrast or conflict of colours. For this reason, we sometimes need to prepare a different (coloured) version of the logo used on a non-white background.

The next example is let's say your logo marks only consist of simple lines and shapes which can be easily utilised as a stamp (of course when necessary). Whether or not using it on the stamp, they look fantastic in white so your logo is white which naturally means to be placed on coloured background. However, the same logo mark is still better to work on white background as well to save ink for whatever reason. Because of this, you need to have different coloured versions of the logo. Depending on the design, we may craft this type of line-only mark as an additional set of logos.

Normally the use of multiple colours on your brand identity is avoided in order to establish a solid visual image of your company. Using many colours confuses the audience. They may have trouble remembering your brand. A logo mark is more than the shape. Colours have an important role to play. Your audience is unconsciously associating colours with their emotion being provoked and connected with their mind. It is all about communication to convey the value of your brand. Having said that, some logos look great in different colours! We examine and find the best presentation of a logo using colours. In this case, yes you may have multiple cover versions of the logo.

The last example is you may have your logo mark right next to the logo-type (usually refers to the company name) horizontally or place the logo mark right above the logo-type. Our logo package provides multiple selections of different types of logo marks as a standard inclusion.

How long does it take to come up with logo design?

It is pretty much dependent on the plan you choose, the typical difference in design plans is usually seen in the number of presented designs. If you choose to have more than 1 logo presented so that you can compare, then our loading time would be longer to prepare your design. Usually, it takes about 1 week to design a single logo. It takes about 10 days to 2 weeks for 2 to 3 logo designs as a minimum requirement. However, if you are in a hurry, please ask us for express delivery. It costs a little extra but we are usually able to assist you providing our project seats are not fully booked.

I want to see all the sketches during logo development. popular

We refrain from showing all the back-end processes to our clients, especially in earlier stages of the logo development because they are usually not neat (unpresentable) as our ideas are everywhere. It is like creating something with clay. Until perfecting and honing the shapes and colours, it can be ugly and simply does not look as good! Essentially and most importantly we want to focus on designing by creating these messes. Every sketch is like scattered pieces of gemstone but all exist for a reason and contribute to building prototypes of the final jewellery. For this reason, we don't want to confuse you when presenting those pieces separately without your understanding of the creative work and process.

How do you usually communicate with customers?

We have been successfully working with many local and international clients using phone, skype, zoom and emails since 2007 a long time before the pandemic. Although most of the time we don't meet face to face, we have earned many trusts of our clients working through their projects. We believe because we don't meet we put more emphasis on communicating with clients as easy and pleasant as possible. We ask questions and really listen to what clients have to say. Through that interaction, you can naturally feel we are working together.

What kind of payment methods are available?

Normally we accept bank transfers, however, our accounts are only available in Japan and Australia. Customers who are located outside of these countries normally pay through PayPal. If you have an account with them, that's great but essentially you don't have to have a PayPal account to make a payment. It is payable as long as you have your credit card.

I cannot find what I need in the price chart. popular

We welcome any type of request as long as the projects are related to design. If you cannot find what you are looking for in the price chart. Feel free to talk to us! We can prepare tailor-made plans and quotes. We can do all sorts of things including painting, mascot design, illustration, interior, and home design. No boundary there really, however, remember one thing in mind. Usually the more projects you have at the same time, the cheaper the single item becomes as we bundle them together and give you discounts. You may have a logo made elsewhere but want to modify it to make its appearance of it better or just want us to create other design materials based on the logo such as business card, letterhead, envelope or website. Sure we can help.

I want you to print my business cards and I would like to put my website address on them but I don't have a website.

We recommend you at least obtain the website URL domain (address) that you are thinking of so that it won't be taken by someone else. Then we can put the address printed on your business cards. It doesn't matter if the website is ready or not. Of course, it's better for it to be fully ready when someone you give a card to is accessing it though, we can always prepare an under construction mode display that says the website is coming soon while developing your website.

When will I get the invoice? Is there any deposit or instalment payment method?

Invoice will be sent at the end when your project is completed in general, however, if your project total price is high for example, we sometimes ask you to do instalment payments. E.g. dividing the cost into 3 stages. Also if you are a new customer who we had never worked with before, you will be asked to pay for the 50% deposit (which may vary depending on the total price) regardless of the size of the project. Another half will be payable when the project is finalised.